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Village of Wellsville Police Sergeant, Chad Green, Wrote False Information in an Official Incident Report!

Picture: Sergeant Chad Green of the Village of Wellsville Police Department

WELLSVILLE, NEW YORK - Recently revealed in official documents, Sergeant (Sgt) Chad Green of the Village of Wellsville, New York Police Department stated false information in an official incident report. 

On May 26 of 2022, Sergeant (Sgt.) Chad Green took a police report in which a Wellsville man, Marshall Green (no relation), was accused of grabbing his own son by the throat and at the same time slamming him against the wall.

Sgt. Green was the intake officer for the report which required him to interview the alleged victim and alleged perpetrator, inspect and photograph any claims of physical injuries, interview potential witnesses, collect all evidence, and execute an arrest if he believed the claims are supported by the evidence reviewed.

Sgt. Green performed the above investigation resulting in the arrest of Mr. Green on May 31, 2022, with the charge of Child Endangerment.

Upon review of the Domestic Incident Report taken by Sgt. Green (images posted below) along with the pictures of the alleged injuries taken at the police department (not shown due to them being of a minor), and the doctor’s report (not shown due to being medical records of a minor), there are significant and alarming discrepancies between the facts of the case and what Sgt. Green wrote in his report.

In the suspect (pt 2) section of the report, Sgt. Green reports that the suspect was injured with “bruising to neck…”. However, in the photographs taken by the police department the same day, there are no pictures indicating any bruising to the alleged victim’s neck. In addition, in the official doctor’s report from an examination, also the same day, the doctor clearly states, “no obvious bruising noted” on neck.

In Sgt, Green’s Incident Narrative he states that the “suspect grabbed the child by his throat and slammed him against the wall”.  Sgt. Green offers no context for this statement such as, “the victim or witness states”. Sgt. Green does not indicate in his narrative that the physical evidence does not support this statement made by the complainant.  He simply writes this statement in the report as a matter of fact.

Excerpt from Police Report

Incident reports are used when presenting such cases to the District Attorney for making the decision to pursue an arrest of an alleged suspect. Presenting an incident report with false or inaccurate information or statements, can influence the District Attorney’s Office to wrongfully pursue a criminal case.

According to Mr. Green, Sgt. Green also verbally stated during Sgt. Green's interview of Mr. Green that the decision to arrest was made by the District Attorney’s Office and Sgt. Green, prior to speaking to Mr. Green about the case.

In October of 2022, the full scope of the incident was presented by Mr. Green's attorney to the District Attorney’s (DA) Office... the DA agreed there were no grounds for criminal charges and the charges were eventually dismissed along with the arrest being sealed.

Mr. Green recently spoke to the chief of the Wellsville Police Department, Timothy O’Grady, and stated that while his complaint was “politely received” by the chief, ultimately, he felt the chief “dismissed” his concerns and the blame was passed on as issues with personnel at the District Attorney’s office. 

Mr. Green has since filed a formal Report of Complaint with the police department against Sgt. Chad Green for his mishandling of the case and has requested the police department do the following for reconciliation:

1.      Issue a formal apology to Mr. Green on the Police Departments Facebook Page for the mishandling of the case.

2.      The removal of the Facebook post of Mr. Greens arrest that was made in 2022.

3.      Sgt. Green have mandatory retraining of Incident Reporting

4.      Sgt. Green have mandatory retraining of Miranda Rights Policy’s.

Mr. Green also is currently in the process of filing a 1983 Civil Rights violation lawsuit against the County of Allegany for the wrongful and potentially criminal handling of this case by Child Protective Services (CPS).  

In May of 2023, Mr. Green won his Administrative Judicial Hearing in Albany, NY against CPS overturning the agencies previous findings of child endangerment. During that hearing, the deputy commissioner for Allegany County Department of Family Services, Jennifer Bigelow, lied under oath stating that she was not aware of any photographs of the alleged injuries… when in fact it was discovered through Bigelow's own testimony that she did in fact know there were photographs taken and the agency possessed these pictures in their case file.  During the case it was also discovered that the attorney for the county, Carolyn Kellogg, did not provide the pictures from the police department or doctors report (both directly contradicting the claims of strangulation by CPS) during the discovery phase of the court hearing. It was also revealed that the case worker, Pamela Watson, lied multiple times on her official casework documents.

Audio excerpts from the administrative hearing can be heard at

Chief O’Grady did not respond to a request for comment.

If you would like to express your concern on how the above case was handled by the Wellsville Police Department, please contact the Chief of Police, Tim O’Grady at 585-593-5600 /

Or the Mayor of the Village of Wellsville, Randy Shayler at 585-596-1750 / 585-596-1809 /  


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